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Tamil Nadu has the finest infrastructure in India when it comes to medical tourism. It has 12,500 hospital beds and around 10 lakh registered doctors; 48 government run medical colleges with hospitals; and hundreds of private specialty and multi-specialty hospitals. And to add to these, there are 1491 Indian system hospitals and dispensaries…. apart from hundreds of ayurvedic, siddha, unani and homeopathic resources. Backing these are 84 pharmacy colleges and around 400 pharma manufacturing companies in the region.

On the private sector hospital front, Apollo Hospitals in Chennai was the front runner and one of the earliest corporate hospitals in the country; catering to foreign tourists who sought cost effective and medical treatment in India. Apollo has a presence in 6 countries and operates 35 hospitals across India.

There are other large corporate hospitals as well in the region - Fortis, Max, Escorts, Wockhardt.... These hospitals perform complicated surgeries - from bone marrow transplants to open heart surgeries, kidney transplants to even complex procedures like bariatric surgery, pancreatectomy, spinal osteomyelitis surgery, surgical ventricular restoration, craniectomy...

When it comes to ophthalmic care, Sankara Nethralaya, a not-for-profit institution, is globally renowned receiving 1500 patients and performing 100 surgeries every day; and it exceeds annual revenues of over $100 million in spite of being a non-profit organisation. It was rated among the top 4 ophthalmic institutions worldwide by Newsweek and is considered as one of the best managed charitable institutions in the country. 

Tamil Nadu has around 2303 members registered in its ophthalmic association which is over 50 years old.

The support systems for Tamil Nadu’s medical technology come from a large share of the 100,000 diagnostic labs in India that comprehensively cover immunology, haematology, clinical chemistry, molecular diagnostics, microbiology and cytology for virtually every application. From very well renowned providers like Metropolis Health Services to SRL-Ranbaxy to Lister to Medall to Anderson... Tamil Nadu has a solid and robust diagnostics industry backing it efficiently with precise diagnostics.

Tamil Nadu’s medical facilities are finely developed. For example, the City of Chennai operates ‘108’ ambulance and ‘104’ helpline that offers free medical advice and assistance to the general public. Its ‘102’ helpline helps pregnant mothers and new mothers reach hospitals and health centres for regular maternity checks. Such has been its commitment to healthcare that it has left no stone unturned in offering the very best to its citizens and visitors alike.

With huge resources and talented doctors, and considering the importance of health care to people across the world, the Department of Tourism, in association with both private and government hospitals, has established a Medical Tourism Information Centre in the Tamil Nadu Tourism Complex; and travel desks have been set up in Chennai and Madurai.

There is a core committee of Medical experts in place, overseen by the Directorate of Medical Education, to keep a watch over the system and to provide for anything that you may ever need. Supporting this initiative is Medi Tour India, an NGO, to help you with a comprehensive database of leading hospitals. TTDC has taken it upon itself to update information on this portal for the benefit of tourists like you, who seek information and assistance on the wellness front.

The developed world has wide ranging issues from unmanageable cost to endless waiting periods to hefty insurance policies. According to the TIME magazine, a heart bypass in the United States could cost around $1, 75,000 while it would cost just around $10,000 in India with the best of facilities! Unbelievably, it’s not even 10% and whether its global practices or world class practitioners, ultra-modern hospitals, out of the world nursing care or a complex formulation, Tamil Nadu has it all. In fact, a large number of vitamins, tonics and multi-drug combinations that are unique to India are manufactured and marketed here.

Instant Surgeries

What’s good about Tamil Nadu is that any required medical attention is instant and efficient. Unlike in the United Kingdom, where patients wait as long as 1 year for a surgery, Tamil Nadu has amazing facilities to be proud of. For example, Chennai alone has 93 private hospitals with surgical facilities, and each of these has numerous operation theatres. 

The Resources

Stream Number Courses

Operating Theatre 

Technician Colleges 15 7

Operating Theatre

Physiotherapy Colleges 38 58

Medical Lab Operating

Technology Colleges 39 56

Optometry Colleges 28 38

Advanced Medical Facilities

It’s not just cost that makes Tamil Nadu an attractive Medical Tourist destination. More and more hospitals in the state have geared up with top-of-the-line technology like robotic surgeries, pushing the limits of medical science.

So, it’s no surprise that employers in the US and UK fund their employees for medical treatment in India. And the NHS in UK has been sending patients to India as well, for surgical interventions in emergencies. 

Tamil Nadu is at the forefront of Medicine in India. It has a rich resource base when it comes to quality hospitals, an amazing pool of doctors and super specialists, emergency treatment facilities, linguistic interpreters for patient convenience, a bountiful nursing infrastructure...and yet, it’s low on cost too as compared with anywhere else. 

24-hour emergencies:  Hospitals in the state are equipped to handle emergencies 24x7x365.

Operation theatres: There are hundreds of operation theatres, thousands of surgeons and a huge pool of support medical staff.

24-hour diagnostics: The diagnostics facilities in the state are beyond compare.

24-hour multi-speciality care: There are well rounded facilities, and hospitals well equipped to handle any emergency in any speciality instantly.

Support services: From cuisine to interpreters to stay to transport facilities to visas to money transfers…everything works like clockwork. Chennai alone handles 150 International patients every day. 

Intensive Care: When it comes to emergency care, cardiac care or post-operative intensive care, most hospitals in the state are well equipped to handle anything – from medical emergencies to technical glitches to intensive nursing. 

That’s perhaps why Tamil Nadu is ranked as the top medical destination in India. 

Costs Less, Delivers More

The cost of medical treatment in western countries have become unbearably high. And Tamil Nadu is not just a cost saving destination, but is equipped to provide quality medical treatment as well.

While it is believed that Thailand offers treatment at lower costs, the facts point otherwise.

A general comparative study of costs:

Surgery India Thailand

Bone marrow transplant $ 30,000 $ 62,500

Liver transplant $ 40,000 $ 75,000

Open heart surgery $ 4400 $ 14,250

Hip replacement $ 4500 $ 6900

Knee surgery $ 4500 $ 7000

Hysterectomy $ 511 $ 2012

Gall bladder removal $ 555 $ 1755

Rajiv Gandhi Government Hospital 

3000 Beds

52 Operation Theatres

231 Beds for Intensive Care

12000 Out Patients every day

Government Hospital of Thoracic Medicine (TB Sanatorium)

776 Beds

31 Wards

8 Exclusive HIV Wards

300 HIV In-Patients

1000 Patients under treatment every day

Laboratory is a state nodal institution

Government Mohan Kumara Mangalam Medical College & Hospital 

600 Beds

Departments: neurology, neurosurgery, cardiology, cardiothoracic surgery, nephrology, urology, plastic surgery, endocrine surgery, and paediatric surgery.

100 MBBS & 102 Post Graduate Medical Students

Tamil Nadu Government Multispecialty Hospital 

400 Beds

4 Medical Departments: cardiology, neurology, medical oncology and nephrology

5 Surgical Departments: cardiothoracic, neuro, hand and reconstructive micro surgery, vascular and surgical oncology

14 Dedicated Facilities: operation theatres, laboratories, CT scan and MRI scans

Lifestyle clinic for yoga and naturopathy

Adyar Cancer Institute 

450 Beds

Founded in 1954 by Dr. Muthulakshmi Reddy, India’s first woman medical graduate

Top ranking from World Health Organisation

Apollo Hospital, Greams Road

  • 600 beds
  • Medical treatments across 60 medical disciplines
  • First hospital in South India to have received HACCP certification by the British Standards Institution
  • Hospital also certified by Joint Commission International (JCI)

Fortis Malar Hospital

  • 600 employees & 160 medical consultants
  • 180 hospital beds inclusive of 60 beds for ICU
  • 4 fully equipped operation theatres
  • Ultra-modern Cath Lab and dialysis unit
  • Travel arrangements and accommodation help provided for International patients

Gleneagles Global Health City

  • 1000 beds
  • Halal, NABL and NABH certified
  • Complex clinical and surgical treatments

Billroth Hospital

  • 600 hospital beds for super specialty treatments
  • 12 beds for emergency services
  • 7 major and 3 minor operation theatres
  • 24x7 laboratory
  • Fleet of well-equipped ambulances
  • NABH accreditation

Vijaya Hospital

  • 340 beds 
  • 9 hi-tech operation theatres
  • Latest, surgical, medical and allied services 
  • 24X7 laboratory, Pharmacy and Blood bank services
  • Comprehensive rehabilitation services

Apollo Specialty Hospital, Vanagaram

  • 260 beds
  • Budget based hospital rooms
  • 10,000 successful kidney implants by nephrologists
  • Round-the-clock pharmacy
  • Round-the-clock open stroke and chest pain clinic
  • 24X7 emergency care 
  • Hospital is certified by Joint Commission International (JCI)

Sri Ramachandra Medical Centre

  • 8 storied medical complex
  • 700 beds
  • 171 ICU's
  • Multi-disciplinary medical aid
  • 24X7 ambulance
  • Budget based rooms & wards


While allopathic medicine treats a symptom, Ayurveda goes to the root of the problem. Ayurveda is a 5000-year-old science which believes that there are 3 body types – and every individual belongs to one of these. Each body type has its own balances, and when an imbalance occurs ailments occur. So, it corrects such imbalances using herbs and natural medicines. 

Ayurveda has five purification procedures that heal ailments, prevent illness and preserve life. It balances doshas and leads to good appetite, smooth functioning of body organs and keeps the mind, body and spirit cheerful.

Tamil Nadu has 2942 Ayurveda facilities, 783 Unani and 861 registered yoga and naturopathy centres. There are 5075 units under the homeopathy council as well.

Cardiac Care

Cardiology occupies a very critical place in medical science. Prompt and early diagnosis goes a long way in mitigating complications. However, people who have suffered a heart attack or have another form of acute coronary syndrome need special attention. Such people are prone to rapid, unexpected changes in their condition and typically require ongoing therapy, such as targeted temperature management and so on. 

In Tamil Nadu, most hospitals are equipped with specialised CCU wards that are staffed with specially trained nurses, technicians and physicians to care for people with serious cardiac conditions 24x7. More importantly, numerous hospitals ensure that the staff-to-patient ratio is higher than in a typical hospital unit. This ensures that the best of care is provided till the patient finally recovers from the condition. 

Tamil Nadu also has an army of cardiologists and heart surgeons who can handle complex heart ailments through minimum invasive techniques. There are many pioneers in the field, trained in India and abroad, with impeccable track records. Some of them are experienced in the most complicated coronary artery bypass surgery, surgery for all types of valvular heart diseases, and heart surgeries for children…with amazing success rates.

Dental Care

Many people who live in the west and require dental implant treatments, live with their problems because of the costs involved. But then their problems could get solved in Tamil Nadu as it’s perhaps the best place for a dental vacation. For one, it costs around 70% lesser than in western countries. Secondly, Tamil Nadu is equipped to deliver world class dental implant treatment. And most importantly, it has an extensive base of experienced and expert dental implant surgeons.

The Government Dental Hospital at Chennai and private hospitals like Balaji Dental Hospital, Acharya Dental, Apollo White Dental, RR Dental Hospital, Vasan Dental Care, Meenakshi Ammal Dental College and Hospital have some of the finest doctors and facilities. These hospitals are equipped with special Cross Infection Control processes, as they deal with saliva and blood which can cause spread of infection.

Tamil Nadu has many Multi Specialty Dental Centres that deliver a high standard of dental care in a world class environment. There are strict cross infection control procedures in these hospitals. Equipped with state-of-the-art dental equipment, these hospitals have teams of highly qualified dentists to deliver results without compromises.

Eye Care

When it comes to eye care, Tamil Nadu ranks right at the top. The yeoman services of Sankara Nethralaya are unparalleled. The Government Ophthalmic Hospital of Chennai is the biggest facility in Asia. These are supported by other institutions of great calibre like Sankara Eye Hospital, Rajan Eye Care, Vasan Eye Care, Dr. Agarwal’s Eye Hospital, American Eye Care Centre, Udhi Eye Clinic, and Eye Research Foundation. In fact, a private hospital like Vasan Eye Care alone has 170 hospitals across the country. 

Tamil Nadu is the place where there is no dearth of Surgeons, Ophthalmologists, Optometrists or Opticians should you need one.

Fertility Treatment

For women under 40, three IVFs are enough to ensure pregnancy. But the prices of these treatments vary from place to place.

Tamil Nadu is among the lowest for IVF. It has well equipped infrastructure, the most modern equipment, techniques and professionals available for various procedures - such as Intrauterine Insemination (IUI), In-Vitro Fertilization (IVF), Intra Cytoplasmic Sperm Injection (ICSI), Assisted Hatching (AH), Blastocyst Transfer, Sperm and Embryo Cryopreservation. You may also access a well-equipped Andrology Laboratory for diagnostic and therapeutic purposes. There are 3 D laparoscopy services available, with state-of-the-art facilities for Hysteroscopy and Laparoscopy.

Srushti Fertility Research Centre, Garbharakshambigai Fertility Centre [GFC], GG Hospital, Madras Medical Mission, Prashanth Hospital, Ishwarya Fertility Centre, Chennai Fertility Centre and Research Institute, Prime OBG Fertility Centre, Miracle Advanced Reproductive Centre are some options available in the city of Chennai. And the price tag is baby sized too!

General Surgery

In 2018, there were 3,42,593 major surgeries and 7,07,750 minor surgeries performed in Government Hospitals alone in Tamil Nadu. And a whopping 3,16,11,674 out-patients treated. And, if you add up the surgeries done in private hospitals, the numbers would be quite staggering indeed.

So, it is obvious that the surgical infrastructure of Tamil Nadu does not lack a stitch. There are enough and more resources available for anything – abdominal contents including oesophagus, stomach, small bowel, colon, liver, pancreas, gallbladder & bile ducts, and the thyroid gland.

Tamil Nadu is also very well equipped to handle trauma/critical care surgery, laparoscopy, breast related issues, vascular, endocrine, transplant, cardio thoracic and even surgical oncology.

Most of the hospitals across the state are equipped with at least a reasonably medium sized Operation Theatres [OT] to handle such cases. Bigger hospitals are available in Chennai, and other larger cities in the state for critical and specialised surgical facilities.

Neuro & Ortho

For a state that is studded with such fantastic hospitals, neurological issues or ortho relates problems are things of the past. So, whether you need a hip bone replacement or psychiatric services, you have everything at your disposal. Tamil Nadu has orthopaedic specialists who have redefined the science through delta motion replacement surgeries that have made even those with replaced joints perform the ballet or others participate in triathlons.

The trauma care routine out here is quite comprehensive too. It begins with bringing patients to the hospital with special 108 ambulances. A special nurse receives such victims with a panel of doctors who are geared to meet such emergencies; and patients are categorised as red (life threatening injuries), orange (injuries) or green (no need for emergency care) depending on their condition. Resources are then allocated accordingly.


Malfunction of the kidney? No problem. Anything from donor to recipient is handled carefully and with the greatest watch. Whether the transplant is from human to human, animal to human, it can be done with the required respect and reverence as Tamil Nadu is capable of handling it. There are many who are rendered brain dead after accidents, and their families donate their organs generously. Numerous people benefit out of this benevolence.

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