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This is the birthplace of freedom fighter Kamaraj. According to local legend, a warrior who had won many battles entered the town and challenged the local. A local resident took up the challenge and vanquished him, and from then on, the town became known as Virudhukkalvetti. It was renamed as Virudhunagar in 1923. It is known for cotton, cotton goods, dried chillies, groundnut oil, coriander seeds, pepper, jaggery and grains.

Parasakthi Mariamman Temple:

It was constructed in 1923 and holds an elaborate 21-day festival in the Tamil month of Panguni [March / April].

Kamaraj House:

The house where this illustrious politician and freedom fighter was born has been converted into a memorial. There is a permanent art gallery with his personal effects on display.


Famous for the Andal temple, Srivilliputtur is of special significance to Vaishnavites. There are two temples here. The first temple dedicated to Lord Vishnu worshipped as VadabadraSayanar at Srivilliputtur. It occupies the foremost place in the 108 Divya Desams. Periya Alwar constructed the tall tower with the help of King Vallabadevan.

The second part of the temple is known as Andal Sannadhi. The 11-tier raja gopuram is the tallest in Tamil Nadu.


This place grows jasmine buds in abundance, and the buds are known as Arumbu. A majority of people in this town are weavers and the handloom industry flourishes out here.


This was the birthplace of the famous Ramana Maharishi, a highly revered saint associated with Tiruvannamalai. His house has been turned into a memorial.

The other attraction in this place is the Bhuminathaswamy temple, which is said to be a paadal petra sthalam of Lord Shiva.

Another important temple in the region is the Thirumeinathar Swamy Temple built by the Ramanathapuram kings. A special feature here is that it houses 8 lingams, called the ashta lingams, and has 10 temple tanks around the shrine.


The name is a shortened name of Sathanur, and it was believed to have been a forest zone with the location of Sathan. It is a trading hub for chillies, black gram and coriander.

Sri Venkatachalapathy Temple:

This temple, dedicated to Lord Vishnu, has its deity called Satturappan. It is believed to be around 800 years old, and the Lord’s consorts stand in 9 different postures.


Famous for its breed of ferocious dogs, the Rajapalayam hound, its main attractions are the Ayyanar falls and the temple town of Srivilliputtur. Since a lot of cotton and cotton-based industries are here, it is also known as the Cotton city.

Pilavakkal Dam:

A popular picnic spot with children’s play areas and special facilities.


Famous for its paddy, this place was earlier called Nel Meni. It is a paradise for bird watchers during winter.

Kullur Sandhai:

This is a reservoir and under development. It has been declared as a District Excursion Center.

Satchipuram CSI Church:

This church was built by missionaries in 1861, and is one of the most famous and regularly visited churches in the area.

Ayyanar Falls:

It is in a dense forest area and has cascades from around 15 feet. A temple dedicated to Ayyanar is a chief attraction out here.


The Irukkankudi Mariamman Temple is believed to be around 500 years old. Goddess Mariamman is said to have appeared here on her own, and the Aadi festival [July/August] is considered very auspicious here.


Wild elephant herds can be seen in this water body which is located down the ridge of the northern part of the Srivilliputtur reserve forest. Barking deer and panthers have also been spotted here, besides wild pigs, spotted deer and sambar.


Situated at a height of 4000 feet, this village is located on the southern side of the Western Ghats. The well in which Nallathangal drowned herself and the temple can be seen here.

Places of worship

Temple: MariammanTemple, Murugan Temple

Church: R.C. Church

Pallivasal: Periya Pallivasal, Chinna Pallivasal


Name of Hotel            Address                                     Phone No

Madhu Sini Lodge                132 Madurai Road,Virudunagar      244265


K.V.S. Mansion    105 Railway feeder Road,Virudunagar     243620

Govt. Guest House.      Madurai Road, Virudunagar.          244704

Sri Srinivasa Boarding and Lodging 174, Ramamoorthy Road, Virudunagar.                                                          248659

Hotel Anton Madurai Road, Virudunagar.                          245537



Name of Hotel    Address                                             Phone No

Hotel Sriram       Main Road,Sattur                                 260366



Name of Hotel    Address                                             Phone No

Raja Hotel          Virudunagar Main Road                         272077



Name of Hotel    Address                                             Phone No

Jeyakumar Lodge        Municipal Building, Srivilliputhur.    -

Hotel Subham     63 A, Vazhaikulam Single Street, Srivilliputhur 260256.

Railway retiring Room  Railway Station, Srivilliputhur                 260280

Nadar Lodge       Thirumangalam Salai,Srivilliputhur                  260284

Hotel Thangam   36/16,Madurai Road, Srivilliputhur.                 260337



Recreation: Cinemas

Shopping: Number of Leading shops are available near bus stand

Handicrafts: Co-optex


Places of Worship

Temple: Mariamman Temple,Murugan Temple

Church: R.C.Church

Pallivasal: Periya Pallivasal

Chinna Pallivasal

Road: It is connected with all important cities of south India.

Rail: Virudhunagar has a Railway junction. It connects Tirunelveli, Sivakasi, Kanyakumari, Srivilliputtur, Tenkasi, Manamadurai and Quilon.

Air: Nearest Airport - Madurai is 47 Kms from here.

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