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The Thyagaraja Temple is one for Lord Shiva, and the lingam is referred to as Maragadha Lingam. The presiding deity, Lord Thyagaraja, is depicted as a Somaskanda and has been revered in the Thevaram written in the 7th Century. It is one of the largest temples in India and has 9 gateway towers, the tallest being at a height of 30 meters. The biggest temple car, called AazhiTher, is made with outstanding workmanship and skill.


When it comes to excellence in education, fine arts and wisdom, Lord Guru holds the key. Revered by the Nayanmars of the 7th Century, Lord Shiva is worshipped as Apathsaheswarar, and his consort Parvati is worshipped as Elavarkuzhali at this majestic temple. It is believed that Goddess Parvati was reborn on the banks of Amrita Pushkarani, a divine tank within temple, before being reunited with the Lord.


This is the only place in Tamil Nadu where a temple has been dedicated to Goddess Saraswathi – the goddess of education, wisdom and fine arts.


Enkan Murugan Temple is 13 kms from Tiruvarur. Lord Subramanya is seated on peacock inside the beautifully built Sanctum Sanctorum.


This is also called as Rajamannargudi. Kulothunga Cholan Vinnagaram or the Rajagopalaswamy temple is called as the King of Temples. Here, Lord Vishnu is called as Rajagopalan or Rajamannar.


The presiding deity in this temple is known as Valangaiman Mariamman. Devotees follow a strange custom of doing a ritual with the paadai [a decorated bamboo stretcher that is used to carry dead bodies]. The ritual is performed by people who have been cured by the grace of Seethala Devi and it is ritual that is performed to express their gratitude. Due to this the temple is also called PaadaiKavadi Mariamman

Muthupet Dargah:

This is believed to be a 700-year-old Dargah which is called as Sheik Dawood KamiliValullah Dargah. It is also known as Jambavanodai Dargah.

Muthupet Lagoon:

Located at the southern end of the Cauvery delta on the Bay of Bengal, it covers more than 6800 hectares. Three rivers and other tributaries of the Cauvery flow through this region and form a lagoon at the sea. Dense mangroves are found on the lagoon shores.

Udayamarthandapuram Bird Sanctuary:

Around 10,000 birds visit this sanctuary which has a diverse habitat. Purple moorhens and open billed storks are a common sight around February and March. Grey heron, black headed ibis, night heron, purple heron, little cormorant, darter, spoonbill, Indian reef heron and white necked stork are some of the frequent visitors.
The best time to visit is during the month of November. There are rest house facilities available in the PWD guest house and there are private lodges in the near vicinity as well.

Vaduvoor Bird Sanctuary:

Around 25 kms from Tanjore this 128-hectare sanctuary attracts more than 40 species of water birds like the white ibis, painted stork, grey pelican, pintails, cormorants, teals, herons, spoonbills, darters, coots, open bill storks, pheasant - tailed jacana. There are facilities for tourists to stay overnight and there are two observation towers for your convenience.


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HOTEL SELVIES                   04366 - 222082 / 222083

Road: Buses ply frequently to and from here.

Rail: There is a railway junction in Tiruvarur.

Air: The closest airport is in Trichy, 101 kms away.

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