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Theni, a hillock town has 27 forests, 8 rivers and 7 reservoirs and is breathtakingly beautiful. It has a historic background from the 19th Century, and has produced fierce crusaders against British rule, like Maruthanayagam. The famous Saneeswaran Temple is located in Kucchanur Village.

Silk cotton, soft towels, coffee seeds, cardamom, and mangoes are the main products that come out of this marvelous district.

The district headquarters and business hub for Cotton, Chili, Grapes and the Textiles. It is the second biggest weekly market in the state and the fourth biggest in Southern India.

Andipatti is a taluk headquarters and is popular for Handloom Textiles.

Vaigai Dam

Built across the historical, 258 km long Vaigai River at Andipatti, the Vaigai Dam is 111 feet high and can store up to 70 feet of water. There is a Government Research center nearby, experimenting on better ways to grow and harvest rice, sorghum, black gram, cowpea and cotton here.

Vellappar temple, built by Kandamanur Zamindar, is located atop a peak in Varusanadu Hill at Mavoothu [this means “spring of the mangrove”]. The spring within the temple is said to cure the most incurable of diseases.

There is a very ancient temple here called Moongilinai Kamakshi Temple, where the main door is never opened, and all the prayers are done to the door. The temple has no towers, idols or even a sanctum sanctorum.

Arulmigu Balasubramanya Temple
This is a 2000-year-old temple and is said to have been built by Rajendra Cholan. Bathing in the Brahma Theertham is believed to cure all diseases.

Kumbakkarai Falls
These falls have two stages. A temple of Goddess Thadagai Nachiamman, that’s five centuries old, is situated next to these falls.

Sothuparai Dam
Built across Varaha river, this dam is 12 kms from Periyakulam.

The 14th Century Gowmariamman Temple was built by King Veerapandi of the Pandya Dynasty. It is said that he recovered his lost sight after praying here.

Here Lord Saneeswaran is called Kuchanooran. This is the only temple in India solely meant for Lord Saneeswaran.

On the banks of the Mullai River, copper inscriptions taken from here are on display in the London museum. It has the greatest number of jewellery shops in the entire district.

Theertha Thotti

This natural spring is located on the highway. The Subramanya Temple is a popular pilgrim center.

Suruli Falls
This two-stage waterfall originates from the Meghamalai range. These falls find mention in an epic as ancient as the Silapadhikaram. Near these falls one can also visit 5 caves which exhibit rock cut architecture from the 11th Century.

Kailasanathar Temple

Around 800 meters above the Suruli Falls, you can explore 18 caves that are located here. The spring in this place possesses curative powers.
A Dargah named after Abubacker Masthan, who lived around 1630, are interred here and worshipped by many.
A temple for Lord Kartikeya is also located near the falls.

It is also called as "Paccha Kumachi”. Since the peak is always covered with clouds, locals call it as Meghamalai.

Chinna Suruli
Also known as the Cloudland Falls, it is 54 kms from Theni.

This town is the Cardamom Capital of India. In early days it was known as Tenkasiyampathi. It was renamed after Bodanayakkar built a small palace and ruled this place.

Bodi Mettu
This hill resort is situated at a height of 4500 feet, and is the main cardamom growing area.

Tiger Falls
This is a waterfall on the route to Munnar.

A famous hill town set amidst granite cliffs, forested valleys, lakes, waterfalls and green carpeted hillsides. At the center of it all is a big manmade lake.


Known as Arulmigu Dandayithapaani Swamy Temple, it is one of the most sacred shrines of Lord Muruga. It was built in the 9th Century by Cheran King Cheraman Peruman, stands at a height of 150 meters and has 693 steps. The idol of the lord here was created and consecrated by Sage Bogar, one of 18 great siddhars, out of an amalgam of navapashanam or nine-herb combination.

Ancient, famous and historic, this ancient city on the Vaigai river has a wonderful skyline that’s dotted with the 14 gopurams [gateway towers] of the famous Madurai Meenakshi Amman Temple.

Important Festivals

Adi AmavasaiThe new moon in the Tamil month Adi [Jul-Aug] and Thai Amavasai the new moon in the Tamil month Thai [Jan-Feb] are celebrated here. There is also an annual festival in the Tamil month of Chittirai [Apr-May].



Place Festival Month
Andipatti Sri Mavoothu Vellapar Chittirai Festival April-May
Chitra Festival April-May
Devadanapatti Moongil Anai Kamakshi Amman Temple Feb – March
Veerapandi Gowmariamman Festival May
Kuchanur Saneeswaran Adi Festival July/August
Suruli Vellappar Festival May
Bodinayakkanur Paramasivan Temple Festival April




Theni (STD Code – 04546)
Sri Vijay Niwas A/c 2 53369
Near Bus Stand 2 55569,2 55689
Adithiya A/c 2 52607
New Everest Hotel 2 52173
Hotel Vaigai 2 52975
Vaigai Illam 2 42232
D.S.K.A.Lodge V.G.T. Complex 2 42175
M.S.P. Lodge 2 31472
Rajendra Lodge 2 31329
Thirupathi Lodge 2 20269
Hotel Dhalavai 2 20585
Alankar Lodge 2 20348
Krishna Lodge 2 20497
Chinnamanur (STD Code - 04554)
Sri Shanmugha Lodge A/c 2 47530
Manai Matchi Thangam 2 47254
Deluxe Lodge 2 65231
Akbar Tourist Home 2 65348
Universal Lodge 2 21302
K.N.P. Lodge A/c 2 21908
Indira Lodge 2 21065
R.R. Hotels 2 22228
Jabbar international 2 22389


Distance from Theni

Madurai 76 Kms
Andipatti 16 Kms
Periyakulam 16 Kms
Bodinayakanur 16 Kms
Cumbam 40 Kms
Utthamapalayam 30 Kms
Chinnamanur 22 Kms
Kumili 65 Kms
Kodaikkanal 87 Kms
Palani 120 Kms



Banks : Theni, Andipatti, Periyakulam, Bodinayakanur, Chinnamanur, Uthamapalyam and Cumbum have branches of Nationalised Banks.

Tour Operators : Government approved tour operators are not available. Private Taxis and vans are available on demand to visit places of interest.

Posts and Telegraphs : Available in all Major Towns



Book Stalls

Theni Madasamy & Co.

Bodinayakanur Sankar Eswari Stores and Jaya Stores

Important Telephone Numbers


District Collector, Theni Office. Ph : 253676 / 253767
District Collector, Camp Off. Ph : 254732, 253626
Superintendent of Police, Theni Ph : 254100
Railway Station, Theni Ph : 252319
Tourist Officer, Kodaikkanal Ph : 04542-241675
Hotel Tamil Nadu, Kodaikkanal Ph : 04542-241336 To 39
Madurai Ph : 0452-337471 to 77
Tourist Officer, Madurai Ph : 0452-2334757

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