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Role of Tamil Nadu Tourism

TTDC / Role of Tamil Nadu Tourism

As the nodal agency for development of Tourism in the State, the Department plays a crucial role in catalysing private investment, strengthening promotional and marketing efforts and providing trained manpower resources in the sector. In this context, the Secretariat Department handles the following important functions:

i. All policy matters including:
      (a) Development Policies
      (b) Incentives
      (c) Manpower Development
      (d) Growth Strategies

ii. Planning

iii. Regulation:
      (a) Standards
      (b) Guidelines

iv. Infrastructure & Product Development:
      (a) Central / State Assistance
      (b) Distribution of Tourism Products

v. Research, Analysis, Monitoring and Evaluation

vi. Legislation and Assembly Work

vii.Establishment Matters

viii.Overall Review of the Functioning of the Field Offices

ix. VIP References

x. Budget Co-ordination and Monitoring

xi. Welfare, Grievances and Protocol

The Department of Tourism is responsible for the following functions:

i.  Providing assistance to formulate policies through updates received from the Field Offices.

ii.  Assisting the planning and Monitoring of the Projects.

iii. Co-ordinate and Supervise the activities of the Field Offices.

iv. Inspection & Quality Control:
      a. Guide Service
      b. Complaints and Redressal Cell

v. Infrastructure Development
      a. Release of Incentives
      b. Tourist Facilitation and Information
      c. Field publicity, Promotion and Marketing
      d. Hospitality Programmes
       e. Conventions and Conferences

vi. Human Resource Development
      a. Institutions
      b. Setting Standards and Guidelines

vii. Publicity and Marketing:
      a. Policy
      b. Media Plan
      c. Strategies
      d. Co-ordination
      e. Supervision

viii. Assisting Assembly Secretariat on Departmental matters.

ix. Establishment Matters of the Department of Tourism excluding that of the Officers and those requiring the approval of Secretary/Minister.

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