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Dharmapuri was called Thagadoor when King Adiyaman ruled it. And during his time many temples were built. There is in fact a subway from the AdhiyamanKottai Temple to the Dharmapuri Kottai Temple.

The region is said to have been controlled by the Pallavas around the 8th Century. They were eventually defeated by the Cholas in the 11th Century. This district used to be under the control of the Kingdom of Mysore and was called Baramahal. But, after the third Anglo Mysore War, Tipu Sultan conceded the present day Dharmapuri to the British East India Company.

Hogenakal Falls

Falling from a height of 750 feet, these falls are truly majestic and beautiful. With the Melagiri hills in the backdrop, it adds an aura to this wonderful spectacle.

Hogenakal means Smoky Rock [Hoge means smoke, and Kal is rock]. Some have even ventured to call it the Niagara of India. It is a perfect visual treat with the gushing Cauvery in a lush green hilly backdrop. The waterfall rushes through many medicinal herbs and shrubs, and bathing under it is not just an exhilarating experience but it cures many diseases too.

Water from the Hogenakal spreads for miles around. Local boats, in rounded shape called Parisals, are thrilling to ride in. For those who love fish, this is paradise.


It means holy water and is considered sacred in Dharmapuri. The Theerthagiriswarar Temple is located on top of a hillock, and Lord Theerthagireeswarar is its worshipping deity. Lord Rama is said to have worshipped Lord Shiva here.

The other theerthams are in the names of Agastya, Agni, Kumara and Gowri. Besides these theerthams there is Hanuman Theertham 16 kms from the main temple on the banks of River Pennar. Even when the river runs dry water flows down from these falls.

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Road: Good road network and is reachable by bus, car or taxi.

Rail: The nearest railway station is in Salem.

Air: The closest airport is in Bangalore, 128 kms.

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