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Courtallam is a panchayat town that’s a major tourist attraction for its numerous waterfalls, cascades and health resorts. Pronounced as Kuttralam, it is also known as Trikootachalam and is indeed in the blue mist of the Agastiar Malai, named after the Tamil Saint who is believed to have lived here. This small town is the source of perennial rivers like Chittar, Manimutharu, Pachaiyar and Tamaraibarani. The season begins in June, and carries on till September.

When the monsoons begin in Kerala, this is the place to be in. Shenkottai and Tenkasi are the two of the closest and most important towns.

Thiru Kutrala Nathar Temple is the oldest and one of the five sabhas of Lord Nataraja.The temple at the foot of the hill is shaped like a conch. This is one of the Five abodes or Natya Sabhas where Lord Siva performed his divine Cosmic Dance. Because Lord Natarajar is in the form of Chithram or Mural is called as Chitra Sabha. The Hall called as Chitra Sabha is a little away from the main temple of Kutralanathar. In addition to these paintings, you can find a lot of paintings of various Hindu Gods and Goddesses across the walls of the entire temple. You can also find various mythological stories and scenes from epics in the form of mural paintings in this temple.

Waterfalls of Courtallam

The Courtallam waterfalls are considered a medicinal spa. There are a total of nine falls in the region of which Peraruvi [Main Falls], Aintharuvi [Five Falls] and Puliaruvi [Tiger Falls] are the most sought after. The district organises a Saral Vizha during the Tamil month of Aadi [July/August].

The Peraruvi is the prominent one, and has a deep crater at Pongumakadal that controls the rush of water. Chitraruvi [Small Falls], with a thin flow of water, also attracts a sizeable number of tourists. Aintharuvi has five cascades of water beating down, and bathing here is a must have experience.

Access to these falls is not all the same. Peraruvi [Main Falls], Aintharuvi [Five Falls] and Pazhaya Courtallam [Old Falls] are the waterfalls that can be reached by road. All the other waterfalls can be reached by trek only.

Nearby Temples

Thirukutralanathar Temple

The oldest temple, and one of the five sabhas of Lord Nataraja. The temple at the foot of the hill is shaped like a conch and is referred to as Sangakkovil. The presiding deity, Lord Shiva, is called Kutrala Nathar; and the Ambal is called KuzhalvoiMozhiammal.

This is one of the five abodes or Natya Sabhas where Lord Shiva performed his divine cosmic dance. The Parvati shrine here is also significantly important, because it is considered as one of the 64 Shakti Peedams.

Due to Lord Nataraja being depicted in the form of a Chithram, or Mural, it is called Chitra Sabha. The hall that’s called the Chitra Sabha is a little distance away from the main temple of Kutralanathar. It has hundreds of murals, depicting images from Indian epics, and there are numerous such paintings of gods and goddesses across the walls of the entire temple.

Thirumalai Kovil

This is dedicated to Lord Murugan, and is located 3 kms away at Panpoli. Apart from this, there’s also another temple for Lord Murugan, at Ilanji, 8 kms from Panpoli.

The Kasi Viswanathar Temple [6 kms], Dakshinamoorthy Temple [12 kms], Papavinasar Temple and Ulagamibagi Temple [35 kms] are the other temples around Courtallam.

Accomodation - STD CODE 0463

Hotel TamilNadu I – Courtallam : 283003 /283131


Hotel TamilNadu II – Courtallam : 283663


Panchayat Guest House : 283128

Thiru.V. Ka. Illam : 283584

Private Lodges :

Kurunji : 283267 / 283236

Pandyan Lodge : 283639/283139

MGS Sankar Lodge : 283496/978874116

Sri BalaSri Balaji Tourist Home : 283648

K.R.Residency : 283100

Bharani Lodge : 283529

Sri Kumar Tourist Home : 283385

Road: State Transport System operates frequent Services to various Destinations of the District and State.

Rail: Tenkasi, Shenkottai [6kms] and Tirunelveli [60 kms]

Air: Thoothukudi [100kms], Trivandrum [112kms] and Madurai [160kms]

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