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Naadi Astrology has been practiced in Tamil Nadu for over 4000 years. It is a vast documentation created by Sage Agastya, on palm leaves called “Olai Chuvadi”, which showed the world that every individual on earth has a predestined journey – and that the past, present and future are strongly interlinked. These documents were found to have been strewn around the Vaitheeswaran Temple sometime around the 12th Century, and the Nayanar community made exact copies. These were obtained by the families of astrologers at the Vaitheeswaran Temple and have been passed down the generations ever since.

Any individual can have his or her Naadi checked by providing their thumb prints. Around 108 aspects of the thumb print are then analyzed to locate the relevant bundle of Naadi leaves for the prediction. It is believed that only those who have the “karma” to have their predictions read would be able to access the predictions of their future. The predictions are given in different “Kandams”, or chapters - health, success, family…and so on.

Palm reading is a family business in Tamil Nadu and it’s called Kai Josiyam or Kuri Solrathu. There is a dwindling tribe of female palm readers who are termed as Josiyakkaris, who come from a specific community called Kambalathu Nayakkars. For them, Jakkamma is their deity. So, these soothsayers undergo a ritual at the temple for around 40 days, before being initiated and handed over the divine powers of seeing the past and stating the future by Goddess Jakkamma. Some of them take to this profession when they are just 10 years old! Families have been practicing this tradition for generations.

The sastras guide Hindus in every direction and in every sphere. The artisans of Tamil Nadu’s great temples were guided by Shilpa Sastra but the architects were guided by the Agama Sastra. The individual is guided by Yoga Sastra. And the dwellings are guided by Vaastu Sastra.
In all, these are energy flow meridians for buildings and people, which take the different elements of nature into account, and give us guidelines on how to balance them. That’s the crux of Vaastu Sastra.
Vaastu means dwelling and Sastra means teaching.

It is believed that there is a mystical relationship between numbers and the stars that influence our lives. 108 is considered sacred because the distance of earth from the sun is 108 times the diameter of the sun. The sum of 108 is 9, and it is considered a sacred number too.
Each planet rules a particular sign of the zodiac and has a specific individual characteristic, vibration and trait to influence the person born under it. Thus, each of these planets was given a corresponding number - Sun 1, Moon 2, Mercury 5, Venus 6, Neptune 7, Mars 9, Jupiter 3, Saturn 8. Numerological predictions are based on these.

Parrot astrology or Parrot fortune telling is very popular in Tamil Nadu. It involves using green Parakeets to pick up Tarot like fortune cards. There is a stack of 27 cards which represent the cosmic system, each of which contains the image of a Hindu deity, Buddha, Jesus or Virgin Mary. The parakeet then picks a card, which the fortune teller interprets and delivers his verdict.

The mysterious Pacha Pakshi Sastram is a unique system of Vedic Astrology, propounded by the ancient Tamil Siddha Saints thousands of years ago. It has been considered an unfailing golden key for people. The crux of it is about the five elements being ruled by five birds - vulture, owl, crow, cock, peacock.

The five birds rule five days of the week and the day your bird rules is considered good for you. Every individual is assigned a bird based on the birth star and the moon at the time of birth.

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